Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting and its types?

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to a service that allows space to run a website on to the internet. So that users can access your website. For hosting your site, there are many Web Hosting Service providers that render you technology, services, and resources. The resources required for running your website. Your business does not work until your brand or services related site showing in the search engines. Here you will need to know where will your site is store?  The website run over the internet is hosted on a system or computer it is known as a server. If you want your site is to be host then you will have the different web hosting providers companies.

Check out the different types of web hosting services you need to host your site-

Types of Web Hosting

There are many web hosting services available in the market

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Server(VPS)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud web hosting

After knowing about all kinds of webhosting you can choose the suitable one. According to your requirement, what can be your expected budget for taking the service? What are the resources and space will be provided to you in which web hosting services? All questions and doubts will be clear in this. Let us discuss the Web Hosting Services one by one-

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting says itself by the name “Shared”. It means your website is a host on a server and it has to be shared among many websites. The Shared Hosting plan is mostly preferred by newbies websites that do not want to instantly incur a cost. It is affordable but you have to share resources RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, with other sites.

Benefits of shared hosting

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

  • This is an affordable and cheapest web hosting.
  • Shared hosting is approachable for everyone because it is cost-effective.
  • It is scalable in the sense that if your website is new and do not want higher traffic immediately, it works for small business site and new website well as per their need for limited resources.
  • User-friendly

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Hosting is a service that owns you a server dedicated to you completely. It means you have full control and management over your server. You will not have to share resources like shared hosting with other websites. You are the web developer of your website and can make changes in setting and you are the maneuver of your server. As compared to a shared and virtual private server(VPS) hosting it is quite costly but you can generate more than 100,000 visitors and more worthy resources than shared and VPS web hosting.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Benefits Of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Higher performance and security, you can work on your server in your own way and the performance of your site is in your hand. Companies choose Dedicated Server because you have security on your web hosting server. You will have the 24*7 and 99.9% of uptime support. Your website does not face downtime while opting for this dedicated web hosting.
  • It is flexible this is the best advantage of dedicated hosting you can make changes in your server. Customize the RAM, disk space, software, and other resources according to the client’s requirement.
  • Scalability the scale structure for web hosting does not matter in dedicated web hosting unlike shared hosting mostly small businesses and new sites are take the shared hosting. In a dedicated hosting server if you want to migrate or grow your business in the future then you can opt for the dedicated hosting services for the higher performance and security on your server.
  • Resources are not shared among different websites you do not need to share your resources and you can use and customize in your own way and according to the requirement of the web users.
  • If you have a dedicated server but you do not have time for its maintenance then you will have access to dedicated server equipment to run your website.

Virtual Private Server(VPS) 

VPS hosting is a service that is the combination of the shared hosting and dedicated web hosting, in a virtual private server you have one server but it works like multiple dedicated servers. In VPS hosting numbers of website’s server is running but each website has its own virtual and dedicated server. You will provide your own resources on your VPS hosting Server. Each VPS has separate RAM, hard disk, storage, software and, bandwidth. For example, if there are 5 websites are using a VPS web hosting and in total 5GB of Random Access Memory(RAM) are allotted with having each site of 1GB RAM. In this case, if one server has used the 1GB of RAM then that server can not use resources of other sites. In simple words, If one website’s server has fallen down then it will not affect other site’s VPS servers like Shared web hosting.

Benefits of a virtual private server(VPS)

  • You have full control over your resources.
  • In VPS hosting other site’s VPS server would not affect your resources and does not make a reason for downtime your site.
  • This is Flexible, like Dedicated web hosting you can customize and choose resources RAM, disk space, and others. It means you are free to use your resources and technology according to the client’s requirements.
  • Good Performance and stability in VPS hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the most popular hosting service for the largest areas of business platform, It uses by wide businesses who want to grow their business. This service provides you all kinds of resources that are to be needed for your web hosting server. The main reason why the website owner chooses only this Cloud Hosting is that when your server fails down and lost the data on their server, It covers and shift to other servers without affecting their server.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Benefits Of Cloud Hosting

  • This service is flexible you can customize the resources of your server according to the client’s requirement. If there would be an increment in traffic on your site then you can upgrade more resources and if low traffic then you can decrease the resources.
  • Like Dedicated web hosting it is also scalable if you want to grow your business then with cloud hosting you can use more resources, even your data is lost it covers resources from other servers.
  • You will have a better Uptime and Performance service on your server.