How SSL Certificate plays a major role in SEO?


For improvement in the quality of security and to boost a website in search rankings, SSL installation plays a major role. According to the Google algorithm update in 2014, SSL Certificate becomes mandatory for a website. If a website does not have this certificate then the browser will show their website with a warning like “Unsafe” or “Not secure”. After the Algorithm update, Google gives rise to the website which is having SSL because it ensures that the site is safe and provides the level of security to the visitors.

The website which contains the SSL is having the padlock at the left side of its URL and has https protocol. The “s” in https stands for the security which gives the surety that the website is secure. Google always keeps the privacy of its visitors on first. Search engine updates the search console to handle finer to the website which contains the https protocol and it also said that these websites have “less weighted signals” than the other websites.

SSL Certificates

What is SSL Certificate and why is it important in SEO?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which secures the communication between the web server to the browser. It helps to keep the internet connection secure and protect the confidential data to not get leaked. It intercepts the dangerous hackers from stealing personal information like login details, password etc. The website which contains the SSL is having the padlock at the left side of its URL and has https protocol. This certificate gives proper security that the transfer of data between the two systems will not get read by any other.

Importance of SSL in SEO

As we all know doing work on the internet is no longer safer and every communication between the customer and the web server is takes place over text connection. This can be hacked by the hacker easily and there is a chance that your personal information can get leaked. For prevention of these dangerous practices, the SSL certificate is important. Here are some points through which you can easily understand the importance:

  • Increase the ranking in SERPs( Search Engine Result Page)

From the Google update the search engine more preferred to visit those sites which are having the https protocol. It also updates the webmaster tool to better handle the website which has SSL certificates. For example, if you and your competitors both have done great work on your site but your competitor has https protocol and you don’t, then the Google will rank their website, not yours.

  • The growth of the traffic

As you will get ranked on the search engine page then the traffic will also increase. Now, many people are visiting your websites then the traffic of your website will automatically increase which affect the SEO rankings.

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

The site which does not install the SSL certificates, the browser will show “Unsafe” or “ Not Secure” connection through which the user will immediately leave that site. It gives negative an impact on your site which will increase the bounce rate. So, SSL certificate installed site provide security which makes the visitor stay for a longer period of time, this will keep maintaining the bounce rate of the website.

How do SSL certificates work?

When we get access on any website and that site has SSL certificate then the browser and the server starts the SSL connection. The SSL connection happens through the process which is called “SSL Handshake”. It is a connection process which happens instantly between them, it is an invisible process. SSL connection contains three keys private, public and session keys. There are some steps in which the SSL works were are as follows:

  1. The first browser connects to the secured server and then it requests to the server to identify itself that it has the SSL or not.
  2. Secondly, the server gives the SSL certificate to proves it is secure or not.
  3. Browser checks the validity and the Certificate authority of the certificate. After it trusts on the server then it makes encrypt and send back the symmetric session key.
  4. The server decrypts that session key by private key and then send an acknowledgment to encrypt to start.
  5. At last, all the data is encrypted and decrypted between the server and the browser.

What is the process of SSL handshake during SSL Connection?

SSL Handshake

Before accessing any secured website the process of SSL handshake happens. The handshake will encrypt communication between them to ensure a secure connection before transferring the data and information. SSL works on the TCL (Transmission Control Protocol) for sending data to the internet.

  • After the TLC the clients started the handshake information through the SSL version to the server.
  • The server will now check the SSL version that is suitable for both the parties.
  • After this, the server sends the public key to the client.
  • The client confirms the key and encrypts the secret session by the public
  • After the encryption, the server decrypts the secret session by the public
  • Both the parties will agree then they create the symmetric keys to encrypt and decrypt the data.
  • The Client will exchange all the future messages and the server will be encrypted.

How do I get an SSL Certificate for my website?

If you want to have a secure and safer site then you have to get installed the SSL certificate for your website. There are many companies which provide SSL to websites. Let me tell you some Steps you can get SSL for your website:

  1. There are many websites which are providing SSL certificates with hosting. The first step is to Host your website with a dedicated IP.
  2. Secondly, the main step is to Buy the certificate which gives the identity that you have a secure
  3. The third step is to Activate the Certificate which you have purchased.
  4. After the Activation process, the web hosting company also do the Installation process of your certificate for your site.
  5. Now, at last, you just have to Update your site HTTP to the HTTPs. It will give security power to the website.

The proper Installed certificate process will make your website safer and secure. It is very important for today to have a website with HTTPs protocol. This ensures the trust of both the visitors and Google. The first main aim of the company is to earn the trust of the visitor and Google, this certificate helps you to earn the level of trust.

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