Which Is Better: Colocation Or Dedicated Hosting?

Colocation VS Dedicated

When it comes to hosting a website on the internet these days, a large number of hosting options are available. While you might be happy hosting a personal website on a shared hosting plan, but when it comes to hosting a business website there are only two alternatives which you can use to host your website. You can go in for colocation hosting or rely on traditional dedicated hosting for all of your website’s needs.

But before we discuss which of the two plans is better, we need to understand what is being offered under these plans. A colocation plans is basically a hosting solution wherein you purchase your own web server and hire rack space at a colocation center to connect your web server to the internet. In this case you own the server and its resources, but make use of the infrastructure of the colocation provider to connect your server to the internet.

On the other hand in case of dedicated server hosting, you lease a server from a hosting company on which your website is then hosted. Only your website is hosted on this server. You do not own the server or its resources and pay a fee for the leasing and usage of the server for your website.

The biggest benefit of using a colocation service is that you own the server on which your website is hosted. This ensures that you have complete control over the configuration of the server and the software applications that can be installed on the server. You decided what you want on your server and what you don’t want. The hosting company has no say in these decisions. It provides for overall flexibility, as you can use your own server but do not have to worry about setting up and maintaining a data center to connect your server to the internet.

Colocation Vs Dedicated Web Hosting

The benefits of using a dedicated server hosting are somewhat different. In case of a dedicated server hosting, server administration and maintenance is taken care of by the hosting provider. Plus, decision regarding installation of software is taken by the hosting provider; thus making it easier for a person with little knowledge and experience maintain a website. Not only this, in case of dedicated server hosting, all hardware issues are corrected by the hosting provider unlike a colocation service wherein you are responsible for hardware maintenance.

So when it comes to making the decision with regards to which hosting solution is better, it can be said that while the setting up cost of a colocation service is high, it offers a better value for the customer since the only costs associated with it are the rack space charges unlike dedicated hosting where you are charged for both the rack space and the server. But this does not mean that dedicated hosting solutions are not worth your money. The final decision with regards to which is better comes down to whether you need a hosting solution that is flexible but difficult to manage or whether you want to opt in for something that is inflexible but easy to manage in the long run.

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