What Is VPS Hosting & What Are Its Pros and Cons?

VPS Hosting

These days a wide variety of hosting solutions are available in the market. These range from shared hosting plans to full scale dedicated hosting solutions. But there is one plan that is different from the rest. That plan is of Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS hosting. A VPS hosting solution is a hosting plan wherein virtualization software is used to run several virtual servers on the same physical server. Each of these virtual servers have their own dedicated storage space, bandwidth allocation and memory. Thus each of these virtual servers act independently of one another.

A VPS hosting solution is great for a website that can no longer run on a shared hosting plan but is still not big enough to be hosted on a dedicated server hosting plan. Also for startup companies, where cash is a big problem a VPS solution can be much more better than spending a ton of money on a dedicated server hosting plan when the benefits of going on to a dedicated plan are not huge in comparison to going in for a VPS plan.

Like every hosting solution out there, several pros and cons are associate with using a virtual private server hosting solution for your website. Let us take a look at some of these.

Virtual Private Server

Pros of using a VPS plan:

A VPS solution provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting at a price that is only slightly higher than that of shared web hosting.
In case of a VPS plan server resources are allocated to each server, which means that there is no sharing of resources and each VPS server has its own set of dedicated server resources to use.
Unlike a shared hosting solution, in case of a VPS solution you are free to install any applications or software on your server. Also since server administration is in your hands you can do many more things which are not possible with a shared server hosting plan.
In case of a VPS solution, a spike in network traffic to a site hosted on the same physical server cannot bog down your website, something that is quite common in case of shared hosting plans.
A VPS plan is the ideal choice for companies looking to expand their online presence without wishing to spend a large amount of money on getting a dedicated plan.

Cons of using a VPS plan:

Although quite similar to a dedicated hosting plan, a VPS plan cannot provide the same kind of performance guarantee that comes with a dedicated server hosting.
Security is another big issue, since many different websites are being hosted on a single server and there might be a case wherein one malicious user might be able to access the data stored by another user.
Although, there are a few cons associated with using a virtual private server hosting plan for your online business, the pros outnumber the cons. Also, for an organization that is low on cash there is no plan that offers the same kind of service and features than a virtual private server hosting plan. Hence, a VPS hosting plan is one of the best hosting solutions available in the market these days.

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