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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting service gives space to many websites to run on one server. It provides space where the websites are saved in webserver to run on the internet. The owner of the site gets the small area of a particular server for his site.

 The maintenance charges of that server are also shared among the users. Hosting service gives good opportunities to users. People who are willing to start making an online presence for their business or starting their blog. This is best for small scale businesses because of its low-cost charges.

It is available for both operating systems Linux or windows. You can choose between the Linux shared hosting or Windows shared hosting if you want to use a specific hosting according to your OS. With the help of Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting you can operate a website according to your needs and features.

Advantages to Choose Shared Web Hosting

After the definition now question arises that what are the benefits to choose shared web hosting?. So here comes the answer. Under this service, the user gets space and resources as per their plans. It provides resources that are helpful for a small and growing business.  It helps the business that does not have much traffic and budget. So they can easily make their online presence and grow their business at a low cost. Some of the best resources are given below :

Shared Hosting Features

  • Uptime guarantee.
  • Bandwidth
  • One-click installation
  • Automatic backup
  • Disk storage
  • C panel

Disadvantages to Choose Shared Web Hosting

After knowing the benefits you must know about shared web hosting disadvantages. With the lots of easy to use features you can also face some problems while using this what are the disadvantages of shared web hosting are:-

  • Loading Time is slower than other web hosting plan
  • Server become overburdened due to uses of other sites
  • The performance of the website becomes worse when the website starts gaining a huge traffic.
  • Lack of customization option

Shared Web Hosting Prices

When it comes to the shared hosting prices it depends on which type of service you want. Starting from entry-level which costs nearly $2/mo.  And then comes a higher-level shared hosting plan which costs approx. $10/mo. These prices are easily affordable for small-sized websites or businesses. Users can upgrade it as per need.

Is Shared Web Hosting good?

About Shared Web Hosting

The shared web server has been criticized for a long time due to its low capacity. But people often ask is shared web hosting good? Or not. Except for space or capacity, it has its own benefits which are good for users.  It is the best way to make an appearance on the internet for new businessmen. They can launch their website or blog with very nominal charges and plans. Users can upgrade from shared to other hosting plans as their site grows and traffic increases. It has a friendly navigation bar which is easy to use.

How to choose the right Shared Web Hosting plan.

Choosing shared web hosting means sharing your webspace with others. It seems risky sometimes. but if you choose the right shared plan from a good provider can make you comfortable. Now, how to choose the right plan, well below are some points which should be in your plan. And you should be concerned about these:

  • Domain should be easy to track.
  • SSL
  • Resource protection. Defensive system.
  • Scalability
  • Marketing credits. Get credits for advertisement in your first registration.

The best alternative of Shared Web Server

If you want to get an alternative in the comparison of prices then sorry! There is no alternative to shared web hosting on the comparison of prices. But if you want to enhance the features of your existing hosting plan then you can move ahead towards VPS Hosting. This one is the best alternative for you if you want to use the more featured and affordable plan for your websites. This one is the semi-dedicated hosting option for you.  These web hosting will end cost more as compare to the other web hosting plan but the difference you will notice in features and performance of it.