What Is Email Hosting & How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

Email Web Hosting

Conventional hosting or website hosting, is a service that allows developers (companies) to use web based servers to make available their websites for clients. What this does is that this makes sure that the companies remain connected with their clients at all times and ensures that people have the resources necessary to develop and run websites which are accessible via the internet.

Email hosting on the other hand is something that is quite different from this. Email hosting is a service which allows individuals and companies to make use of email services that are separate from the typical free email servers which are used by most of the people. Email hosting is useful for small and medium sized enterprises which require a large amount of email space, bandwidth and security.

Just like web based hosting is either based on Linux or Windows, email hosting relies on the use of Linux or Windows based servers capable of supporting a number of different email protocols such as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. IMAP (Internet Message Protocol) is a widely used email protocol which many servers make use of whereas POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is basically an Internet standard protocol. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is generally used for the purpose of sending mails over the Internet by making use of IP protocol.

Email hosting has a number of benefits over services provided by free email providers. The first benefit is that there is no limit on the amount of storage space that can be used by you in case of email hosting. This is not the case with free email, since storage space is dictated by the email provider. This is especially important if your organization is scaling up or if your offices are distributed over huge geographical areas requiring constant communication. Another benefit of using email hosting is that your data is completely secure. In case of free email providers, it is possible that your emails get stored in locations that are not safe. This is not the case with email hosting.

Email Web Hosting

Another advantage of email hosting is that your emails are not filtered and passed on to you, something which is common with free email providers. Apart from this, most free email providers show advertisements beside your emails. This is not the case when you are having a hosted email account.
A hosted email account looks more professional and hence it might give the right impression when it is used to contact clients or generate more leads for your business. The same effect does not come when a free email account is used, since they are quite common and not generally used by professionals or large organizations to contact clients or business associates.

Thus it can be said that a hosted email account is something that is quite essential to the growth of a business and this is not only because a hosted email account is more professional, it is also because of the fact that a hosted account provides users with many more features and benefits as compared to a free email account.

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