What is a Website Builder?

Best Web Builder

You have completed the steps of domain registration and web hosting. Now, your website is ready to get launch, but wait there is something which is missing before launching of the website. The website must look good and attractive. To make changes in the look of a website you should need a website builder which will build your website according to your preferences.

Build your website attractive with this website builder tool. It is very difficult to get to know which website builder is best and which is not. Here is the list of top 10 site builders which will help you to choose best for your site.

Top 5 Website Builder you must know

If you just want to create your website in a minute then the list of the best web site builders is given below:

  1. Gator by Hostgator

Hostgator is one the biggest company providing best hosting services, It not only deals with hosting but also deals with many other services like domain transfer, domain registration, website builder, etc. Gator is the most popular Website Builder by Hostgator. You can choose from 200+ website designs with simple customization option.  You can edit with a simple click and drag things like images, photo, text, maps, and contact forms. They provide the best-paid plans. Plans start from $3.84 per month, $5.99 for premium and $9.22 for business. Plans start from $3.84 per month, $5.99 for premium and $9.22 for business.


Self-hosted WordPress is the other name of It is the most popular platform for a website building. It can be used for any type of website, there are different themes are available on WordPress for building a website. This will also build your website in multilingual language. They provide both free and paid programmes.


This is also the best platform to build your website. They have different themes to customize your website. After customizing you can add title, widgets, sidebars. They give mostly free plans and services but they are very limited. Their personal plan cost starts at $4 per month, the premium plan starts at $8.25 and the business plan starts at $24.92.

Website Builder

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best Website Builder, especially for e-commerce websites. They have hundreds of design in which they deal and you do not have to enter the code. It has fully hosted solutions that means they can manage software and keep the backups. Shopify will do all of the services you don’t need to worry. Basic plans start from $29 per month, Advanced starts from $299 per month and it also offers Lite at $ 9 per month.

  1. Wix

It is one of the best web hosting company provide hosting. It also provides various services instead of hosting, Website Builder is one of the services provided by the Wix. They provide various templates and paid apps for your website. The starting price is $26.25 per month.

Advantages and Key Features

Website Builder plays an important role in making a website. A website should be innovative and creative, this creativeness can be shown by the website builder. There are many benefits of a website builder. Some of these are as follows:

  • Drag and Drop design: If you want to move something on your website then you can drag that element and drop it your site this will take a second. It will help you to reduce your time and efforts.
  • Provides Dozen of Templates: They provide a number of templates, you can apply any of them and use widgets, sidebars, title, etc to make your website attractive and creative. They will offer exactly that design what you want.
  • Reduce cost: Website Builder reduces If you do not have a lot of money to pay the designer you can build your website by using these tools. If you want to start multiple websites then you can use a website builder tool and start your website with low investment.
  • Reduce time: It also reduces a lot of time, you can customize your website in just a click. It takes just an hour to make changes to your website so, It reduces your lot of time.

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