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What is Reseller Web Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting

In the reseller web hosting service, the owner of a hosting account can use his resources(disk space, bandwidth) to host websites for others(customer). In simple terms, it is the process in which the hosting account owner acts as a company. And purchases hosting services in a bulk from the main hosting company and sells it to customers again. And earns profit without investing too much money and even without much technical knowledge.

How does it work?

If you have a question, how to start a reseller hosting business. You should go through these steps:

Reseller Hosting Works

  • Research and choose the best hosting company.
  • Get the deal that meets your business requirements.
  • Research your target market to find your customers.
  • Make your own hosting packages on behalf of your company.
  • Set a decent price. And offers.
  • Sell packages to your customers.
  • Make money.

By following these steps you will be ready to set up your reseller hosting account. Reseller hosting is one of the good options for earning and starting a business. Because it’s easy and less expensive. The server will be handled by the service provider. So being a reseller you will be responsible for managing the services of your customers who are not experts and are new. You can charge them for providing the setup. It can set the margins for your customers according to your choice. You do not have to worry about technical issues and management. It will be managed by the main provider.

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Benefits of reseller hosting

Price is definitely a major benefit of reseller hosting. Mostly reseller hosting packages are cheap. Resellers are independent business owners. They can operate the business according to their convenience. You can launch your own brand(company) or small business. Even without much technical knowledge. There are some more benefits:

Benefits of Reseller hosting

  • Create your personal C panel control panel for your customers. By this, You can provide service according to your customers’ needs.
  • Create your own packages and plans according to your business for your customers. You can make offers and reveal attractive plans which can attract your customers.
  • Reduce business setup costs with its initial startup cost and upgrade it later. Hosting companies are providing a low-cost setup for starting a business with them. When your business gets established and starts making profits then you can upgrade the plans.
  • Be an independent business owner and create your own brand. You will be the independent owner of your business. Your clients won’t be able to know about the main hosting company. So you can develop your brand.

Cons of reseller hosting

It can be a little hard for new resellers. And may take time to become profitable. Usually, it is for web developers. Who already have clients and want to sell extra services.  The success of your business will be determined by how good the main hosting company is. If your hosting company is not good and providing a poor service. If the server goes down often, then it will affect your business. Changing the hosting provider can damage your customer base. It is important to meet your customer’s requirements and provide them with the best hosting service. So that they can trust you. Managing customers is the main factor in developing a better reseller business.