Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Benefits

Talking about web hosting industry we can’t avoid talking about shared hosting since this is probably the most common hosting type that is available on market. Just like the name implies, in a shared hosting account you, the user, will have to share the server resources with other users. The webhosting company set up the server with certain amounts of accounts, all come with identical features and specifications, the operating system used, control panel, disk space, data transfer and many more. What you get on your hosting account is what other users get on their account. All are identical.

The benefits of using shared hosting account

If you buy a shared webhosting account you will get all the necessary features to run your website properly. Most of the shared hosting plan available on current market has similar features as ftp accounts to upload your files, several email accounts, database – usually it’s MySql database, php support, certain amount of space and bandwidth, various application scripts like blog, forum, and many more. You can start build your website easily without too much problems since most of the time the hosting company has prepared it to be as user friendly as possible.

If you buy from a reputable hosting provider you will get a fast loading server with excellent reliability. Most shared hosting accounts come with a kind of control panel. In this case, the most used and famous control panel is cPanel. It is a very easy to use hosting control panel comes with so many installed applications so you can use it easily even if you don’t have any experiences in managing a hosting account.

The next benefit of shared hosting is the prices. In current web hosting market, you can get a shared hosting at a very low monthly fees, you can get it from $3 to $10 per month, depends on the hosting company you use. This for sure is an affordable option for anyone who wants to start a website or online business.

Benefits Of Shared Web Hosting

The disadvantages of using shared hosting account

There is no doubt that there are many advantages of shared host account, however we should also know that there are also some disadvantages of this web hosting type.

Shared hosting account biggest disadvantage is the fact that you share the server resources with other users. In this case, you probably have to share it with more then 500 other customers, sometime it can be around 1000 websites crowding the server. If one of those websites suddenly using a lot of server resources, maybe they get a sudden a lot of traffics, your website probably will experience a problem if the server cannot handle it.

Another disadvantages is the restrictions of software and applications used on your hosting account. In a shared hosting account you have been provided certain amounts of applications you can use to run your website. Most websites will only need a few of them so most of the time it will not be a big issue.

However, once your website is growing in certain level, you probably will need another applications to handle it. This is the time when you will face a problem if you use a shared hosting account. You can only use applications that have been provided on your account, and if the application you need is not included you probably has to contact your hosting company to install it for you. Sometime they can do it for free, sometime you will have to pay for it, and sometime you can’t get it. If this is the case, the only option you have is move or upgrade your hosting account into a more advanced hosting account like dedicated hosting where you can do almost anything with the server.

Security is another issue that a shared hosting account users have to compromise with. I should say that most of the time it will not be a problem for us, the hosting company has implement a standard security system to protect their server. However, since you share the server with other users, if there is a security hole on one of the users, the attacker can exploit the entire server, including here your website.

In conclusion, I can say that shared hosting account is a good choice for anyone who want to start developing their website or online business. The users will get almost all the features required to run their website properly in a very affordable monthly fees. However, once your website grows, you probably will need to move your hosting account into a more advanced one. If you have a big website with a lot of traffics then shared hosting is not the right choice for you.

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