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InMotion Web Hosting Review: Summary

It’s almost unbelievable the amount that you get for your money with InMotion Web Hosting. Lots of hosting companies want to promise you the world, InMotion actually delivers on that promise giving you exactly what you want and all of the things you did not think you wanted until they were handed to you on a silver platter.

InMotionWeb Hosting Review: Advantages

InMotion starts you off with everything included. Need something to build your first website? Not a problem, InMotion provides a free state of the art site builder to get you started. No – it’s not one of those ‘for tech geeks only’ type of programs either. It very easily takes you through the entire processes of setting up your website. It has all the features that veterans would expect with all the simplicity that a new user needs to get started online.

Toss in free setup and a domain name to boot and you have got an all encompassing web hosting package that does way more delivering than promising. The basic package at InMotion is anything but basic. It even includes software to help you start up a blog with just a click of a mouse button, a plugin to start up your first e-commerce site with only a few mouse clicks, and the resources you need if you want to run steaming media (audio or video) right from your website. Few others can offer all of these features, and no one can offer it at the incredible price that InMotion offers it for.

InMotionWeb Hosting Review: Disadvantages

While they are not the cheapest (and do not get me wrong – they are by no means expensive!) web host out there, I honestly feel that the extra few dollars a month is more then made up for by the ease of use of InMotions services as well as the wide range of products that they include with your account. Just getting the free domain name and site builder alone make up for the cost in savings.

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InMotionWeb Hosting Review: Conclusion

InMotion is an excellent choice for anyone just getting started online today. Everyone knows that streaming media is the future of the internet and wants to be a part of it – and with InMotions hosting packages you can take full advantage of the new median without worrying if your hosting provider can handle it. They have 24/7 customer support with very well trained operators who actually take the time to work with you and resolve your issues. The internet can be a complicated place without some help, and InMotion really delivers on this end. They give me a real sense of confidence in their product just because they are so knowledgeable. Toss in the free advertising credits which were great for getting my site off the ground when I first started and it’s a win-win situation all around. Sure it might be a few extra dollars a month, but sometimes the old adage is true – you get what you pay for.