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How to Remove Hostgator Favicon?

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HostGator is the best Webhosting provider across the globe. Favicon is a small icon that serves your website’s small logo in a web browser. it gives by default favicon icon of your website when you buy hosting from HostGator.  If you have created a website using  WordPress then there’s an easy option to add or remove HostGator favicon.

You can also create a unique favicon for your website and replace HostGator favicon. Alligator is the favicon of HostGator,  its representatives and increases the brand value of HostGator.

What is Hostgator favicon?

replace Hostgator Favicon

Favicon is a website icon and its also known as a favorite icon, small icon, URL icon or Tab icon. It is an important part of the website. Favicon is a small icon or an image, its similar to the website logo and represents your website in a web browser. The web browser provides favicon icon support that helps display your favicon image in the Address bar. A favicon helps to increase the brand value of your website. Hostgator is one of the best Webhosting providers all over the world. if you did not set your favicon on the website so, They provide by default HostGator favicon to its customers. Hostgator favicon is an alligator.

What is the size of a favicon?

Favicon support png image format. There are many sizes of favicon that all depend on the platforms and devices. You can choose and create an image that must be 16×16 pixels,  32×32 pixels, 48×48, 64×64, or 128×128. Basically 16×16 pixels are used for a web browser.

How do I create and apply favicon on a WordPress website?

Create a favicon is very easy with the help of some online tools. There are many tools available online that you can use to create logos, favicon, and many more things. Just goes through any of any methods (you can use canvas for easy and simple icon creation). After creating a favicon now its time to place it on the header. Follow these simples steps which are given below to place and change HostGator favicon on a WordPress site:

  • Logging in WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Go to the customize and click on site identity.
  • Click on the upload or change button and select a favicon image.
  • Crop it (if you like it or just skip that step).
  • Click the published button and its done.

How to remove Hostgator favicon?

It’s easy to remove HostGator favicon from the website. Here are some easy steps that will help you to abolish HostGator favicon.

  • Logging the admin panel of your WordPress website
  • Go to customize button and click on site identity
  • Click on remove favicon
  • Go to published button and refresh the website

What is the importance of a website icon?

A favicon is one of the effective parts to attract the user when they see your website on the SERP result. We will know that a website helps to increase your business online and websites increasing every day on a huge amount. it’s difficult to remember a website name but when we see an image or logo, we can things identify the website we have visited before. So, it is one of the underrated things that affect directly or indirectly to our website.

What is the benefit of using favicon?

benefits of using Favicon

When you open many tabs at the same time and you can switch multiple tabs. At that time favicon helps you to identify the site you want to open. People can easily identify facebook not for only its name also by its favicon that displayed on a tab header. if your website has a favicon, it will surely help the user to remember your website.

  • Favicon indirectly helps to boosts your website.
  • A favicon helps the user to Easily Remembering your website.
  • The image of a favicon is increased brand awareness and recognizability.
  • Favicon represent your website in small icon and show it at the address bar

Recap:- How to remove HostGator Favicon?

I hope through this article you are able to understand many points about Hostgator Favicon. In this post, I had tried to provide you all the information about it. If you want to know more about Hostgator then check out Hostgator ReviewThis will helps you in knowing more about its services and features that will help you in choosing its best plan if you want to purchase it.