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How to install an SSL Certificate on HostGator?

Hostgator SSL Certificate

If you want to install an SSL certificate then I hope you will know about it. Before using this certificate let me explain What is SSL certificate & then You will get to know about How to install an SSL Certificate on Hostgator?

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate(Secure Socket Layer) is what makes your website “HTTP” to “HTTPS” which is more secure. This will make your website more trustworthy. With the help of an SSL certificate, you can make SSL/TLS encryption possible. They contain website public key and the website identity along with related information.  SSL certificate makes your website the secret & secure for all the users.

What is SSL?

SSL is commonly known as TLS. It is a protocol to encrypting internet traffic verifying server identity. If you search any of the websites and its URL contain HTTPS then it must be an SSL certified website.

What Information does the SSL certificate contain?

The SSL certificate contains:

  • The domain name that the certificate was issued for
  • Which person, organization, or device it was issued to
  • Which certificate authority issued it
  • The certificate authority’s digital signature
  • Associated subdomains
  • Issue date of the certificate
  • The expiration date of the certificate
  • The public key (the private key is kept a secret)

Now let’s know about how to install an SSL certificate on Hostgator. Follow the easy steps and install the SSL certificate & make your website more secure & trustworthy for all the users.

Steps to install an SSL Certificate on HostGator VIA WHM

To install an SSL certificate to make your website more secure just follow the mentioned steps and build your HTTP site HTTPS.

  1. Login to your WHM account. You can log in to this by going to https://example.com:2087 and then type your username & password. ssl-install Hostgator
  2. Go back to the main menu and select SSL /TLS icon.ssl-install Hostgator
  3. Then select the Install an SSL certificate domain icon. To install the SSL certificate you need to follow some steps and fulfill all the details in the series.Hostgator ssl-install
  • Enter the CRT into the first field. The SSL Manager will then try to fetch the rest of the fields needed. In all the details if any information is incorrect or missing then SSL certificate cannot issues properly. Then you need to contact your SSL issuer to help you in issuing the certificate.
  • After that insert the RSA key If one was automatically fetched for you, please replace it with the one we have given you.
  • The last step is you need to enter your CA bundle in the last field. If you do not enter a CA then the SSL Certificate will appear as self-signed and a warning will be shown when customers attempt to access your site securely.

Once you completed all the steps then click on the install button and use get all the benefits of SSL certificate. Apply the mentioned steps and get the benefit of one of the best features of the SSL certificate.

How To install an SSL certificate On Hostgator Plesk?

Hostgator SSL Certificate

This one is an easy way to install SSL. This one is the best for the dedicated server owner. So use the steps & make your website safe & secure with the Hostgator SSL Certificate.

  1. Change a domain IP address to the dedicated IP address
  2. Go to the customer Plesk Panel.
  3. Click website & Domain
  4. Click Secure your sites. In this, you will get 3 options.
  • Click Request to generate a CSR to provide to your third party SSL provider.
  • Use a self-signed SSL. This type of SSL is secured, but presents warnings and is not recommended.
  • Upload Certificate as Text. This field is for entering the private key, SSL certificate, and CA certificate here to install the SSL.
  1. Click the Website & domain.
  2. To install the SSL click on the Hosting Setting next to the domain.
  3. With the new Dropdown box should be available. Select you would like to use and add.
  4. Click on the OK to complete Installation.

Use the best and easy steps and add an SSL certificate to make your website more compatible for all your users. The steps are very easy to manage for both beginner & professional. So use the services of Hostgator & best features of Hosting.

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