How Cloud Hosting Is The Best Alternative To Traditional Web Hosting?

Cloud Server

Cloud hosting in today’s time is becoming one of the best alternatives to traditional hosting solutions. The reason for this is that cloud hosting is a much cheaper and more reliable alternative to traditional web hosting. Many of the companies which made use of dedicated server hosting solutions in the past are now moving on to cloud-based services, just because they can get the same benefits at a much lower cost.

Another reason why cloud hosting is getting more popular these days is the amount of investment needed to start a web-based project with a cloud hosting solution. Traditionally a large amount of capital was required to be invested in hardware that would eventually be able to support the web-based project that the developer planned on making.

This is not the case with a cloud hosting solution. In this case, the only expense is for the space on the cloud. This means that you get the processing power of a physical server but need to pay much less as compared to a traditional hosting plan.

This is the reason why most internet start-ups are now looking at making use of cloud-based hosting services than traditional ones. This way they can save up on cash which can be used for other productive things. Not only this, it is much easier to scale up on a cloud solution as all you need to do in order to scale up is buy more space on the cloud.

Cloud Web Hosting Benefits

Apart from the reasons listed above, another reason why cloud hosting is better than traditional hosting is reliability. With a cloud hosting solution a large number of physical servers are clustered together to act as one single cloud having unlimited processing power, memory capability, and disk space.

This way even if there is a major spike in traffic to your site, your site would not be bogged down. Not only this, a server failure would have no effect on the availability of your website on the internet. Thus a cloud solution provides for more uptime than a traditional hosting solution.

Cloud hosting solutions are also not prone to cyber attacks such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, something that can force your website to crash in case you are using the services of a traditional host.

Another added feature is that you pay for only the resources which you use in the case of cloud hosting. This is not the case with traditional hosting wherein you need to pay a fixed fee to the provider irrespective of the fact whether the resources that have been allocated to you are being used by you or not.

Thus, it can be said that cloud web hosting is the best alternative to traditional web hosting and it is wise to shift to a cloud solution if you are interested in getting a service that is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use.