Hostmonster Review 2022

HostMonster Customer Support Service

Unlike Hostgator who offers multiple hosting plans, Hostmonster only offers one hosting package. Their hosting plan comes with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains hosting. It seems that ‘unlimited’ has been a standard in the hosting industry. Their other hosting features is quite complete, though I should say that this is also a standard thing that can be found on other reputable hosting providers.

Hostmonster Hosting price is very cheap. For all of those unlimited features, you can get it at $6.95/month. In fact, at the time I write this article, they offer a special promo where the prices are lowered to only $5.95 per month. Very generous prices I must say considering they offer a complete featured hosting deal with unlimited domain, spaces, and bandwidth.

And at that low prices, they also provide a free domain name when you buy their hosting at least for a 1-year contract. The domain will remain free as long as you keep host your site with them. It will lower your expense about $10 since you don’t need to register your own domain. You will also receive free $50 Google Adwords credits to advertise your website on Google, a great way to get more visitors on your website.

HostMonster Web Hosting Reviews

Regarding their customer support, I should say that their support is quite good. Though I think Hostgator support is still better, all in all, I can say their support team is quite responsive and helpful. You can contact them using their online chat system or call them directly to their phone line support, can be seen on their website.

About Hostmonster reliability, I haven’t been with them for a long time, less than a year, but so far I never face any downtime. In fact, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The only issue I can find about this hosting provider is the fact that they only offer one hosting plan. When looking for a hosting deal, I want more options since not every website is created equally. One site requires different resources. The good news is, their one plan offers decent features at a very affordable price. Still, offering different hosting plans will give more conveniences to their customer. Probably an option of buying reseller hosting or dedicated hosting will be a great addition.

To conclude this article, Hostmonster is an excellent hosting provider, offering a great hosting plan at cheap prices. The uptime rate is excellent with good customer support. More hosting packages will be a great addition, however, their current hosting plan is more than enough for most websites.