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Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2023

Hostgator Review

HostGator one of the best trustworthy firms for all those users who want to host their website with an effective hosting firm. HostGator is working for 17 years and build a very good reputation among its users. Still, they are doing their best with its different, reliable & affordable hosting plans. They believe in providing best to its users but this will not happen that everyone has an only good impact. After giving the best services they have some bad impact too. So for knowing about its good and bad impact start starts with Hostgator Web Hosting Review.

In this review you will get the whole services, plans the pros and cons of HostGator one by one. Through this HostGator Review, it becomes easy to host your website with the required platform.  So scroll down and read its complete company review.

Who Owns HostGator?

Owner of Hostgator EIG

The Hostgator started its career on October 22, 2002, by Brent Oxley. After facing many ups and down the company achieved great success and on 13 July 2012  the company sold to EIG. Now, the HostGator Hosting firm owns by Endurance International Group (EIG). The was sold to EIG at $299.8 Millon. Now the company is listed in the top list of hosting providers with the feature of better reliability & scalability. They provide the best features in its existing hosting plan for hosting your website and enhancing the performance of your website.

What HostGator Used For?

Hostgator Hosting Work

HostGator offers the best hosting services used for hosting a website. They believe in offering the best features to their customers at reasonable prices. The features they serve to you its difficult to find in the other hosting firms. They offer the best at pocket-friendly rates. The services and products Hostgator offers to you are as follows:-

1.               Domain

For starting a website the top most essential need is a  domain name. Before starting a website you first have to purchase a domain name for your website. The company provides all the services you required to purchase a domain name. Hostgator Domain name is a collection of different extensions related top your website work at reasonable prices. You are allowed to choose between the (.com, .net, .org or many more) that relate to your website. With the domain registration services, Hostgator offers domain transfer, domain registration and manage the domain.

2.               Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service in which a hosting firm provides space (bandwidth, storage, speed, scalability and more) to a website on a server. Among the many different hosting companies HostGator is one of the largest and popular firms in the hosting market. Hostgator deals with the excellent services of web Hosting at bearable prices. The type of services they offer you in Hostgator hosting plans are:-

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

We will mention them in brief in this HostGator Web Hosting Review one by one. So Check out them all and choose the best one for your website.

3.               Website Builder

After purchasing a domain name and hosting the next step is to build your website in a professional manner. So for creating your website, they offer the easy to create website builder with the easy to manage cost.l They offer this with its existing hosting plans. HostGator provides a Gator a website building tool to make your website look good. So you can build your website with HostGator Website Builder.

Is HostGator A Good Web Host?

Hostgator Web Hosting Features

HostGator is one os the best option for a business website starts up. The company offers the best features ate economical prices. They provide much better services as compare to their competitors. Here are some important features that work for your website that start so know about them one by one. Through these points, it becomes easy to understand Is HostGator a good web host?

  • Specialized in their work- They are very specialized in providing the best services to its users. They offer 24/7 customer support services and 45 days money-back guarantee. With the best money-back guarantee they also offer WordPress hosting features to its users.
  • Good Uptime & Resources- They offer 99.99% uptime to its users. If the company fails in its guarantee then it will offer free credit to its users.
  • Free migration Policy- They will help you in migrating your site within 30 days. Free migration policy for your domain name.
  • Control Panel- They offer you the best Hostgator Cpanel that is easy to use and manage. The control panel is user-friendly and you can manage your all existing website data through this control panel.
  • Affordable Prices- The company offers the best hosting plans at very reasonable prices. Its hosting plan starts at $2.75/month that is easy and affordable for the users.

What are the pros and cons of Hostgator Web Hosting?

If you are thinking that in the starting para we said that this one is the best firm so now why we are presenting is pros and cons. So the answer is that nothing is perfect as we know that a coin has two sides it ones on everything. Hostgator one of the best hosting firms has many pros but also has some cons too. So take a look at HostGator Pros & Cons.

Pros of HostGator Web hosting

The pros of the HostGator are its uptime, good support service, money-back guarantee, user-friendly interface and many more.  So read about them one by one.

·                 Strong and stable uptime 99.99%

They offer the best 99.98% uptime in these 16 months. In the mid of the year, they are facing the problem in its uptime performance but now they work on it and offer 99.99% uptime. There is no chance of falling down while using HostGator.

·                 Good Support

HostGator offers the best support services to its users 24/7. You can solve any of your queries anytime anywhere. Not only 24/7 services but it also offers the best knowledge support through its blog post collection.

·                 45 days money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with its services then you can grab the advantage of its 45 money-back guarantees. They offer these services on its all plan so grab the advantage of this 45 day.

·                 User-friendly For beginners

If you are a newbie then the HostGator is one of the best options for you. Because they offer the best user-friendly interface. It is all plans are easy to use with the easy to use dashboard. They offer the best customizable themes which you can choose according to your website.

·                 Free Site and cPanel Migration

If it is not your first time or you want to migrate your site then Hostgator is one of the best choices for you. They include free website migration and Cpanel transfer. They do this work without any cost but another hosting firm charges huge cost on the website migration.

Pros And Cons Of Hostgator

Cons of HostGator Web Hosting

With all plus points, they also have some minus points. So let’s take a look at its cons.

·                 Slow Page Speed

Hostgator is not having any type of problem in loading time but in half of the previous year, they are facing lots of trouble in loading time. But they are doing their best in providing the best loading time to its users.

·    Charges are high for true backups, gmails and malware

HostGator offers the best and affordable plans with maximum features. But when you required some additional features they charge extra cost. The extra stuff like site backup, Gmail access, Sitelock monitoring, and SEO tools.

Gmail cost is standard $5/month and $60/yr that is the normal pricing. But the Sitelock cost $19.99/year & COdeGuard will cost $23.95/yr

“These are the pros and cons of Hostgator after knowing these points it becomes easy to choose tits services or not. Let’s Move on and check out the quality, pricing, and features of its existing plan one by one”

HostGator Shared Hosting Plan

With this Shared Hosting plan of Hostgator, it becomes easy to start a website at reasonable prices. HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plan is easy and affordable for a website startup. They offer HostGator free domain name service with this plan. The price of this plan starts at $2.75/mo* and ends at $5.95/mo*. The plan is divided into three different categories with different features.

You can easily compare its three plans through the image given above. So choose the most reliable one for your website startup.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plan

HostGator VPS Hosting Plan

If you want to start your website with the VPS Hosting or want to shift from Shared to another hosting then VPS (Virtual Private Network) is the better option for you. For making this better option more best for you HostGator offers this hosting plan at very pocket- friendly prices. You are able to buy HostGator VPS Hosting Plan at $29.95/mo* with the saving of up to 75%. You are able to buy this plan at three different prices. Check out the below details and choose the desired and required plan for your website.

Hostgator VPS Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting Plan

As you know that WordPress is the most suitable and reliable platform for creating a website. Any person can easily handle its features without having any type of technical knowledge. So for building your website at this platform, HostGator is helping you with its HostGator WordPress Hosting Plan. They offer the 2.5X faster-loading speed with easy to use control panel and many more. You can buy this plan at $5.95/mo* with the maximum useful features.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Plan

HostGator Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the most powerful hosting but expensive too. But HostGator one of the leading hosting firms helps you in buying this hosting plan with a 50% discount offer. All dedicated hosting features are granted to you with this HostGator Dedicated Hosting Plan. They offer you the three best different plans at a bearable price.  Buy this plan at $118.99/mo* with the maximum dedicated hosting features.  Keep your eye on the HostGator Dedicated Hosting plan.

Hostgator Dedicated Hosting

HostGator Domain- Your Domain Registration Destination

They not only offer you the hosting services but you can also register your domain name with it. Hostgator Domain Name services are easy to purchase just in few clicks and few dollars. You can choose the desired domain name with the most authentic extensions. Treat your domain name with the most popular TLDs.

HostGator Customer Support Services

They are not only famous for providing the most valuable Hosting plans. But they keep a very excellent bond with their customers through Hostgator Customer Support Services. They offer 24/7 support to its users through phone calls, emails, and many other platforms. They offer the best to its customers through its different activities that are:- Customer Portal, support portal, vide tutorial, network status and live chat.

One one of the best places for solving many queries they offer company blog section on its official website. Through these blogs, they provide the best knowledge support to its users.

Recap- HostGator Web Hosting Review

HostGator one of the leading hosting firms helps you in managing your website with the most sufficient featured plans. As you have seen and read above about its best hosting plans and the qualities they are providing to you. One of the best parts about HostGator is that they provide the maximum discount on its all existing plans that make its all plan affordable for all type of users. Whether they are going to start their personal blog or e-commerce site.

They offer all kind of plans with the easy to use Cpanel and best support services to its users. With the maximum plus points, they also have some minus points which you have to keep in mind while buying its services. Otherwise, the HostGator offers the best to its users. Grab the latest deal and offers of HostGator and host any of the websites as per your required needs. So hurry up and start your own business website with HostGator Web Hosting.

I hope that with this HostGator Web Hosting Review you had solved your many queries related to it. If you still have any kind of query then check our blogs and get to know about Hostgator briefly.