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HostGator Domain Name Services

HostGator Domain Services are famous all over the world. HostGator just not provide the only domain name. They provide some extra features for your domain also. We will discuss all things one by one. But before starting a close look at HostGator Domain Services let’s take a quiet look at the evolution of the internet.

Nowadays business is going on the online platform. People are understanding the requirement of the website all over the world. It’s absolutely no matter. if they are running a business or they want to just promote their self. A website is a must for all these things and when it comes to creating a website the first thing you need is a domain name. So, now I am going to introduce one of the best domain name services providing company.

It’s very easy to use HostGator domain services. All you need to do just go on the domain section. After that, you will find a domain name search bar just simply search the availability of your required domain name. If your required domain name is available then get is. It’s so simple. Now come on the most important question. What is the price of the domain? Well, it depends on your TLD or domain name extension. Top-level domain (TLD) is the last word of your domain like .com, .in, .co, etc. So if you want to know more move on to the next paragraph.

Types of TLDs offered by HostGator

HostGator Domain Name TLDS

There are many types of TLDs offered by HostGator. There are some famous types of LTDs and their prices.

  • .com- The price of this domain is $12.95/year. This is a generic domain name. you are free to choose this domain.
  • .Website- The price is $9.95/year. This can be a good LTD. If you are looking for a unique website.
  • .info- This LTD is generally for the websites who provide information. So if you want to start a website then it can be a good option for you. The price of this LTD is $12.95/year
  • .org- This is commonly used by the organization. Although, now there is no restriction to use this .org. If you want then you can also take it from HostGator at just $12.95/mo*.
  • .net- As it’s clear by the name. This LTD is generally used by the business who are providing network-related services. This is also a generic LTD. So, you are free to take this LTD. To get this domain you only need to pay $12.95/year*.
  • .tech-.tech is for the website who relates to technical knowledge. The price is only $3.95/year.

There are lots of more LTDs on Hostgator. You can choose according to your preferences. Now you must know that BlueHost provides extra benefits to you. If you choose the hosting from Bluehost. Let’s explore those benefits.

What are the features HostGator provide you at the time of domain registration?

HostGator Domain Service Features

If you are purchasing a domain name. You must take some additional features that will help you to protect your domain. These are the feature you will get from Hostgator.

  • Domain locking- Domain locking will protect your domain from unauthorized transfer or you can say save from hacking.
  • Domain renewal-HostGator provide auto-renewal feature. So, you will not lose your domain accidentally.
  • Easy Management-Here you will get easy to use to manage domain control panel. You will be able to manage everything with a single dashboard.
  • Domain Privacy Protection-If you don’t want to show your personal contact information. So they also possible with this feature.
  • Domain Transfer- HostGator provides a domain transfer facility. If you have already a domain name. So, you can transfer your domain name service to HostGator. The charges depend on your LTD. There are charges of domain transfer of some famous TLDs.
  • .com-95/year
  • .net- $7.95/year
  • .org- $7.95/year
  • .info- $7.95/year
  • .website- $12.95/year
  • .site- $9.95/year
  • .tech- $3.95/year

Those were some necessary features you will get from HostGator. Now, after purchasing the domain name at the relevant price. You have to ready for the renewal of your domain name next year. The twist is renewal prices are different from current prices. To get the prices. Let’s see in the next paragraph.

HostGator Domain Renewal Price

Hostgator Domain Renewal

HostGator Domain renewal prices are higher than the purchasing price. But this a common rule with every domain providing company. There are some popular domain extension renewal prices.

  • .com- $17.99/year
  • .website- $15.00/year
  • .info- $17.99/year
  • .org- $17.99/year
  • .co- $35.00/year
  • .net- $12.95/year
  • .tech- $30.00/year

We saw the renewal prices of Hostgator Domain names. Maybe some of you have a question like. Does HostGator give a free Domain name? To know more see the next paragraph.

Does HostGator give a free Domain name?

So, the answer to this question is yes. HostGator domain services provide a free domain name for 1 year. But this is only for the people who purchase the hosting from Hostgator. So, if you want to purchase a hosting plan then purchase it from HostGator and you will get a free domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

Choose a Hostgator Domain Name

Here we have some tips to choose the best domain name for your website. Let’s begin.

  • Keep it simple- Your domain name must be simple. So, It will easy to remember your domain name for your website users.
  • Easy to pronounce- Your domain name must be easy to pronounce. It will help you a lot in increasing your website awareness among people.
  • Use Keywords- If you will use the main keyword as your domain name. So, there is a strong possibility that your website will rank easily.
  • Use only alphabets- Avoid to use numbers, the hyphen. keep it easy to recall your domain name.

I hope you got all your answers. Now you are ready to buy a perfect domain name for your website. Now move to the next paragraph and see what did we discussed in this Hostgator Domain name services.


HostGator is one of the most reliable companies. HostGator offers multiple types of TLDs at different prices. Although renewal prices are higher than the purchasing price it is common with most domain providing companies.HostGator Just not provide its users the domain name. They also provide some necessary features to there users like Domain locking, Domain renewal, Easy domain management, domain privacy protection, and Domain Transfer. If you will purchase hosting from HostGator. You will get a free domain for one year. In the end, If you are purchasing a domain then some important things. You must keep in mind while purchasing a domain. The domain name should be simple, easy to spell and try to use your focus keyword in your domain name.