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Godaddy Vs Bluehost VPS Hosting – A Detailed Comparision

Godaddy vs Bluehost

What is Godaddy

Godaddy is an American company that provides Internet Domain Registry and Web Hosting that provides its customers with a name and web hosting for their website. About 9000 people work in this company. This company was founded in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland by Bob Persons. was done by. We search for anything on the Internet, all that we see through Access, all these are being read or seen by Internet web access only.

The headquarter of Godaddy is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States.

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Who is Godaddy CEO

The CEO of this company is Aman Bhutani who was formed in the year 2019 and is still the same CEO.

Is It Safe to Buy Domain From Godaddy

Often people think that do not buy a domain name or web hosting from Godaddy and it is natural for people to think that the first responsibility of any website owner will be to keep their website secure, they are afraid that their website may not get hacked or virus. Come because their years of hard work will be wasted, now we will tell whether it is safe to buy a domain from Godaddy or else it is completely safe to buy domain and web hosting from Godaddy because there is no shortage of technical staff in this company staff domain name of this company And any problem related to web hosting is easily solved so it is safe to buy a domain name and web hosting from this company.

How to do a good domain search on Godaddy

If you want to buy a good domain from Godaddy, then buy a domain by following these steps:
1. You should always get the domain name related to your website.
2. You always need a domain name .com extension should be use.
3. You have to keep in mind that you do not have to buy a domain name from a similar brand already.
4. You should always buy a domain name with fewer characters because the shorter the domain name, the easier it will be to remember.
5. You should always take top-level domain names like .com, .net, org, edu, .co, etc and there are other top-level domain names.
6. You can also take a country-level domain name if you want to rank a website in any one country like India then you have taken .in.

Goddady Features

1. Godaddy hosting provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and if they are not able to maintain it then you can get a discount.
2. Includes a control panel for installing apps, and managing backup and security.
3. You can install more than 150 apps to create a forum and blog in Godaddy.
4. Godaddy security team works 24/7 to protect our website from problems.
5. Godaddy provides unlimited MySQL data with every Linux-based web hosting.
6. Godaddy have CPU, memory, entry processes, and I/O ready when required.
7. The hosting experts of Godaddy are ready to answer your every question.

What is Bluehost Web Hosting

Milesweb is one of the best Bluehost hosting plans in India, this company gives the best plan in India to the user. Bluehost Hosting is a large hosting provider company in India, which provides full hosting services. Bluehost is one of the first hosting companies in India, it includes a lot of informational websites, and Bluehost company gives us many types of hosting plans Bluehost India Offers the cheapest plan. If a person creates a new website, then Bluehost company is very good for it, it gives a lot of facilities to the hosting provider and also provides 24 * 7 support. This Company Provides Kinds of many services Domain Registration, Website Security, SSL Certification (Secure Sockets Layer) Provides other features similar to email

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Bluehost Hosting Services

1. This company uses servers located in data centers in countries like the US, Romania, UK, and India.
2. Bluehost Hosting also gives a 99.95% guarantee and 1 monthly money-back guarantee to its users and this company provides a full range of hosting plans.
3. This company also provides plans for windows and Linux.
4. Bluehost Hosting provides you four good and cheap LAMP Shared Hosting for 1100 to 2200 rupees.
5. This company also provides you SSD storage, unlimited database, bandwidth and email account, and three business-oriented LAMPs.
6. This company provides you Cpanel hosting package with bandwidth and SSD storage in three different parts.
7. In these hosting Cpanel is use for single-click application installation.

Features of Bluehost Hosting

1. Windows 2008/2012 with Plesk control panel is use in the window hosting plans of Bluehost hosting.
2. Bluehost hosting supports Ajax, PHP, ASP.Net, and Perl along with MySQL and Ms. SQL database.
3. Bluehost hosting offers very cheap and Decent VPS hosting.
4. All the data center features of Bluehost Hosting are combining with a multi-tier redundant power system and HVC equipment and 24/7 security.
5. This company is 100% available except for power supply and HVAC emergency maintenance.

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