Globat Hosting Review 2022

Globat Web Hosting Reviews

Globat Hosting Review: Summary

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Additional Domains
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Setup
  • Free Site Builder & Templates
  • Free Photo Album
  • Supports FTP, CGI, PHP, Perl
  • World-Class 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Blogging Applications
  • Free Shopping Cart, SSL & Stats
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • $75 Free Google Adwords Credits
  • $25 Free Yahoo Ads Credits
I have been with Globat for 2 years and while I agree that there is no such perfect web hosting, I can say that I’m satisfied with their service. Their hosting plan is maybe just similar to other unlimited hosting services on the market, but their customer service is awesome in addressing all of my issues.

Global is a leader in top-of-the-line web hosting. They are renowned for their affordable web hosting options, absolutely free domain name, and high-performance web hosting solutions.

Founded almost ten years ago in 2001, Globat was formed with the idea to offer affordable hosting plans for personal and small business use. Today they have grown significantly to serve over 100,000 clients across the globe and to become a well-known, widely respected hosting company.

Their rock solid infrastructure and long-standing history of excellent customer support make Globat a clear cut choice for any individual or business owner looking to get started with their own web site. 100,000 people don’t use them because they have to. They use them because they are amongst the best at what they do.

Globat Hosting Review: Advantages

Globat hosting pays great attention to their customers by offering 24/7 tech support systems so they can address any issues their customers have fast. Globat has a superb monitoring system to check and control the networks and hosting servers to be able to prevent virtually any problems that might occur even before the customers would notice the issues. However, they provide the option to contact the technical support in case a user has a problem with their hosting account, or maybe in accessing their control panel, or any issues related to the hosting account. They’re easy to access, quick responding customer support makes them an excellent option for people just starting out with their own website.

Globat Web Hosting Benefits

Their hosting plans offer copious amounts of space and bandwidth, more than the vast majority of website owners will ever need. This will give your new site plenty of room to grow as your business grows, and enough bandwidth to cover spikes in traffic from your marketing campaigns. If you are exceeding their space and bandwidth allocations I promise you’ll be making enough money from your website to cover the costs of upgrading.

Globat Hosting Review: Disadvantages

As great a company as Globat is, there is no such thing as a perfect host. The disadvantages are few, but you should be aware of them before making any purchasing decision. While Globat does try to accommodate everyone, they do limit some of their PHP features to ensure their shared server environment is secure for everyone using it. These limitations have been known to cause issues with some of the more common free software choices out there (such as forums and blogs). Be sure to consult with the user manual of your software of choice as well as the Globat options to ensure compatibility.

Globat Hosting Review: Final Review

With their long history of serving business and personal clients alike, Globat makes a great choice for anyone new to web hosting. They are very user-friendly, offering an easy-to-navigate control panel as well as customer support that is ready anytime day or night to answer your questions. As long as you do your homework to ensure your software is compatible with Globat’s hosting plans, there is absolutely no reason why you should consider using Globat for your hosting needs.