Four Reasons Why You Should Go In For Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

In recent times, cloud hosting has turned into a viable option for individuals as well as companies wishing to set up and run websites on the internet. This has happened primarily because of the advantages cloud hosting has over the other types of hosting solutions out there. Let us take a look at four reasons why you should go in for cloud hosting, rather than other types of hosting.

No 1: Expenses

Although it might seem that shared hosting or VPS hosting are cheaper options that cloud hosting, this is actually not the case in the long run. This is due to the fact that when your website grows you need to spend more on hosting and most of the money spent by you is wasted since you do not use all of the resources assigned to you under your hosting plan. This is not the case when it comes to cloud hosting. In case of cloud hosting you need to pay only for the storage space and the bandwidth that you are using. Unlike conventional hosting you are not required to pay for resources that are not used by you.

No 2: Resource Availability

In case of traditional or conventional hosting plans, resources are constrained by what you have paid for. This means that if your website has a traffic spike all of a sudden, your hosting plan might not be able to support that spike and this might lead to your website becoming unavailable. This never happens if you are using a cloud hosting plan. This is due to the fact that resources available in case of cloud hosting are unlimited. Hence a sudden spike in traffic would be handled quite easily as there are no resource constraints and you would be required to pay only for the bandwidth that has been utilized.

Reasons To Choose Cloud Web Hosting

No 3: Flexibility

Another great reason why you need to go in for a cloud hosting plan is flexibility. In case of traditional or conventional hosting solutions, customization of hosting plans is not possible as these plans are standardized by the providers. This is not the case with cloud hosting plans. In case of cloud hosting you can customize your plan on the basis of what is required by your website and what you need rather than what is available. For example, if you believe that your website does not require a lot of server space but requires a lot of bandwidth, you can customize your plan to include less server space and more bandwidth.

No 4: Reliability

Since in case of a cloud there is an interconnection of servers which are being used to host your website, reliability is not an issue. In case of traditional hosting plans, websites might face downtime if there are server issues but in case of cloud hosting no such downtime is there since the failure of one server on a system that consists of several servers does not affect the rest of the network. Thus your website would be up even if there is a server failure, something that is very difficult to achieve in case of traditional hosting.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider making use of a cloud hosting plan for your website rather than a conventional hosting plan.

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