DreamHost Hosting Review

DreamHost Web Hosting Reviews

DreamHost Hosting Review: Summary

Founded in 1997 out in California, DreamHost is one of the oldest and largest hosting companies today. While most other companies have come and gone, like a rock DreamHost has not only remained but continued to grow and improve their business from day one. DreamHost web hosting is well known for its extremely loyal customer base and complete transparency about running their business. They work through problems with customers instead of ignoring them or placing the blame where it doesn’t belong. This tactic has helped them grow their hosting company to well over half a million domain names and counting.

DreamHost Hosting Review: Advantages

In the spirit of its customer loyalty, DreamHost operates very differently from all other shared hosting companies. Instead of having set hosting plans for you to pick from, DreamHost instead rewards user loyalty. Space and bandwidth for each hosting plan start at a set amount (and a very generous set amount at that) and grows larger and larger the longer you remain a customer.

This is the absolute perfect model for a website just getting started. It gives you more than enough room to start out your website and then as time goes on and your site grows in popularity your hosting plan grows with it – all without increasing in price. This model is truly revolutionary in the hosting industry.

Dreamhost Reviews

DreamHost also uses its own custom control panel. While most other hosting companies use an off the shelf product such as Helm or cPanel, Dreamhost has programmed their own completely unique panel from the feedback they regularly get from their customer base. This panel is extraordinarily easy to navigate and is a great way to help you get started with your first site, or take your existing site to a new level.

DreamHost Hosting Review: Disadvantages

DreamHost has had a few problems with reliability in the past, but their utter transparency during each ordeal makes them worth considering. They more often than not will give you advance warning of problems and upgrades so you can plan accordingly, whereas most hosts tend to just do without asking you first, leaving you wondering what happened to your website and your steady stream of customers.

They also don’t provide any kind of site creation software to help you in your journey. If you are an experienced website builder or programmer chances are this won’t mean much to you anyways. But if you are just getting started you’ll need to invest in additional software or learning materials to get your first site from the drawing board out onto the web.

DreamHost Hosting Review: Conclusion

Overall DreamHost is a great option that will grow as your business grows. They have a great customer base that is fiercely loyal for a reason, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. They offer more than most hosting companies in terms of ease of use and scripting support and have customer support that rivals top hosting companies in the shared hosting industry. They make an excellent choice for a beginner to the intermediate webmaster.

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