Differences of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Shared VS Dedicated Hosting

When talking about whether to choose a shared hosting or a dedicated hosting, people will have their own reasons and arguments. This is common since different people have different kind of site that need different hosting plan. This article will explain some differences between both web hosting types with a hope you can make your decision of what kind of web hosting you need.

At first, let’s talk about the hosting server. In a shared hosting, just like the name says, you will be sharing the same server resources with other people/users. Your grand father probably told you that sharing with other people is good, however when it is come to hosting and server, this is not always true. If you share server resources with other users it means that your access to the server is limited since you are not the only users here.

The hosting provider will control your access to the server, usually using certain hosting control panel like cPanel or others. This will make you only able to access certain factors that are available on your control panel. In case you need to install new application or need more spaces or bandwidth or need to access certain server features, you will need to upgrade your hosting account.

If you use dedicated hosting account, you will get all the access to the server. You can do almost anything with the server since you don’t share it with other users. You will get better performance server along with other more advanced features. You can install any application you need without almost any limitations. In this level usually your hosting company will give you a kind of remote manager you can use to access directly to the server machine.

The second factor that differentiates a shared hosting and dedicated hosting is the exclusive use of the account. As I said before, in a shared hosting you will share the server with other users. In this case, you probably will have to share the same server machine with hundreds of other customers, sometime it can be around 1000 users using the same machine. I don’t know about you, but yeah, plenty of cyber mates you have there crowding the same machine. Now you can see, why you have some limitations on your hosting account.

Differenciate Shared And Dedicated Web Hosting

On the other hand, you will get an exclusive access to the server resources when you use a dedicated hosting account. It’s all yours and it is only you who can run your machine at the maximum use.

The next factor is the server scalabilities. As I’ve told you before, on a share hosting account you, most of the time, can’t install your own application since the hosting provider has put some limitation on your account. This is not a good condition since your site growth will be limited, in case you want to grow your website in a more advanced level.

In a dedicated hosting, you will get a complete control over your server. You can install your applications over there, or have it installed by the web hosting company staff. This will allow your website to grow bigger without any problems.

The last factor is, of course, the price. After seeing all the differences I mentioned above, I’m sure you can see that a dedicated hosting is a lot more powerful compared to the shared one. However, just like other things in this world, it will require more cost on your part. All I can say about this price issue is, you got what you pay.

You can get shared hosting account for only around $5-$10 per month while to be able to use a dedicated hosting you will have to pay around $50-$200 each month.

Looking at the price range above, I can say that while a dedicated hosting will give you a lot more, it is probably not a good choice if your website doesn’t require a lot of server resources and you don’t need any advanced application.

If your website is still new with limited traffics it is suggested to use shared hosting first. Once you need more advanced server resources you can always migrate your site to a dedicated hosting, or ask your hosting provider to upgrade your account into a dedicated one.

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