BlueHost VS DreamHost

bluehost VS DreamHost

Are you looking for the best web hosting service provider for your website? It’s definitely yes, who doesn’t want a service that is extremely smooth and reliable. Choosing the best hosting service matters a lot as it’s the key to success. Fast site loading speed, security, features, uptime are as important as you care for your business. In this post, we’ll discuss the two top-notch hosting solutions which are well-known all over the globe. Yes, we are going to compare Bluehost VS Dreamhost and clear all your queries about which one is well-founded.

Let’s move on with the history of these two hosting companies,

Overview History of Bluehost and Dreamhost

Bluehost a web hosting company was established in 1996 but officially founded in 2003. Now, the company is under the Endurance International Group (EIG). It is one of the oldest and largest companies web hosts, collectively powering well over 2 million websites all over the world. This Provo, Utah-based company offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and many more types of hosting and domain services. Bluehost is the best option for beginners.

Well, DreamHost was founded in 1996 in Claremont, California. It is a tough competitor of Bluehost as Dreamhost also hosts over 1.5 million websites. Since, the foundation back in a dorm room, Dreamhost is successful in gathering 400K customers throughout more than 100 countries. It also offers all types of hosting solutions that Bluehost Web Hosting has.

But in this post, we’ll compare the shared hosting plans of these two hosting providers, because it is the best choice for the beginners and easy to understand the comparison. And also, perfect for a startup that is about to launch a blogging website or small business websites.

You can also read Bluehost VS SiteGround to see more comparison or Bluehost VS Godaddy to clear your doubts. But for now, moving on with the Bluehost VS Dreamhost differentiation.

BlueHost VS DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan

As we have described above there are a lot of web hosting services and plan with Bluehost and Dreamhost but for now, we’ll have a look at the difference in the shared hosting plan.

BlueHost Shared hosting plan

Bluehost is one of the cheapest hosting solutions and everyone is aware of it. In the Bluehost shared hosting plan you’ll see it has been divided into four categories. They are as follows – Basic, Plus,  Choice Plus, and Pro.

This is the most affordable plan you’ll get to see with Bluehost. The basic shared hosting plan which is perfect for the newbie starts at just $2.95 per month. And as followed by its other plan can range up to $13.95 per month.

Features of Bluehost shared hosting plan

Without making you read an unnecessary sentence, coming straight to the point. Bluehost shared hosting plan features include –unlimited SSD storage (Basic 50GB), unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, standard/high performance, domains included and more.

If you go with the Pro plan you can get benefits of all four different shared hosting plans. In  Shared Pro plan you get extra services like 2 Spam Experts, Domain privacy & protection, Site Backups with CodeGuard Basic, and Dedicated IP address.

bluehost VS DreamHost Hosting Plans

DreamHost Shared Hosting plan

Dreamhost has provided a great platform to start your business at an inexpensive budget. But in this platform, you have only two options to choose from shared hosting plan –  Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited.

The price of the Shared starter plan is just $4.95/month and the shared unlimited plan can cost you $10.95 per month. Still, you can make the plan affordable by subscribing for 2-3 years. Going for long term run can help you save many dollars. If you go for a 3-year subscription then the same Shared starter plan will cost you only $2.59/month. Now, you see the benefit of purchasing for the long-term.

Features of Dreamhost shared hosting plan

Dreamhost shared hosting plan comes with tonnes of features like – Free domain name, Unlimited Traffic,  Pre-installed WordPress, fast SSD storage, free SSL certificate, and WP website builder.

Dreamhost shared hosting advanced feature includes – DreamHost Control Panel, Secure Shell (SSH) Access, IPv6 Support, Server Side Includes (SSI), Unlimited MySQL Databases and more.

Major differences between Bluehost and Dreamhost

Difference of Dreamhost and Bluehost

  1. Bluehost Hosting is affordable and its plan starts at just $2.95/month, whereas Dreamhost becomes affordable when you go for 3 years subscription. The plan will cost you around $2.59 per month.
  2. With Dreamhost, you won’t be able to get a free domain unless you purchase an annual hosting plan. If you go with the monthly package you’ll have to pay an extra $7.99 to get .com extension. But Bluehost has no such conditions.
  3. Money-back guarantees – like other hosting providers policy, both Bluehost and Dreamhost offer money-back guarantees. But in Dreamhost platform, you’ll get a satisfying money-back guarantee of 97 days which is incredible. While Bluehost offers only for 30-days.
  4. Customer Support – Both the hosting companies provide excellent customer but Dreamhost has no option for phone calls. However, you can get an answer from the knowledge base or contact them through live chat, email, and social media. Bluehost customer supports teams are there 24/7 to help you through phone, chat, tickets, knowledge base and FAQs.
  5. Both Bluehost and Dreamhost are officially recommended, WordPress provider by Yet Dreamhost claims to host more than 750K WordPress websites and blogs since the beginning.
  6. Uptime guarantee – A 24/7 live website is necessary when there is a huge competition among competitors. If your site goes down, again and again, it will not only drop your ranking in the search engines but also affects your customers.

So both the web hosting provider guarantees you to provide 99.9% uptime but in this case, Dreamhost is quite reliable then Bluehost.


In this, Bluehost VS Dreamhost comparison both are equal with the services. However, some benefits are with Bluehost and some are with Dreamhost. Both hosting service providers are capable of standing your requirements. Choose hosting service that meets your needs.

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